Sentence Examples

  • Just a few years before, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman had been arrested for indecency in the United States for appearing in a one-piece swimsuit that revealed her legs above the knees, as well as her arms.
  • In 2002, CNN reported that the Federal Comunications Commission received over 500 email complaints regarding the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, leading the FCC to reexamine their definition of "indecency."
  • The night-dances were generally accompanied by much indecency and immorality.
  • In the first place, the comparative indecency of Rabelais has been much exaggerated by persons unfamiliar with early French literature.
  • He had no artistic appreciation of the subject he discussed, and he mistook cause for effect in asserting that the decline in public morality was due to the flagrant indecency of the stage.