Sentence Examples

  • Soon hackers were tweaking their applications to gain control of PCs for criminal activity, and create zombie PCs used to send email spam, act as unwitting hosts to child pornography rings, or business extortion.
  • They are not allowed to put pornography or other unacceptable images on the card, and as a precaution all images must be approved by the credit union prior to being placed on the credit card.
  • A person who exposes a child to pornography or exhibits indecent exposure toward a child is guilty of sexual abuse even if that person never physically touches that child.
  • Certain Web sites are considered bad neighbors--gambling and pornography sites are two big ones, and you will want to stay away from those to see your ranking rise.
  • It includes, among other things, sexual touching and penetration, persuading a child to expose his or her sexual organs, and allowing a child to view pornography.