Sentence Examples

  • They replaced the complex stylings of the man I call… well, the Man, with the overly simplistic, hauntingly annoying jazz that you'd expect to find in the elevator of a cheap pornographic flick.
  • Unfortunately, it wasn't for his musical or acting talents; rather, Ray J became an unlikely star when he appeared in a pornographic home video with then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.
  • It is common for both male and female runaways living on the streets to steal, panhandle, deal and abuse drugs, engage in prostitution, and pose for pornographic pictures.
  • A pornographic home video of Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee was stolen and distributed over the Internet by the Internet Entertainment Company.
  • The biography of Ray J took a sudden turn in 2007, when a pornographic video featuring Ray J and his then girlfriend Kim Kardashian was leaked.