Sentence Examples

  • In rear of these lines VerdunToul and Epinal-Belfort, respectively, lie two large defended areas in which under certain circumstances the main armies would assemble preparatory to offensive movements.
  • Early in 1306 he modified or explained away those features of the bulls Clericis Laicos and Unam sanctam which were particularly offensive to the king.
  • General Orero, successor of Baldissera, pushed offensive action more vigorously, and on the 26th of January 1890 entered Adowa, a city considerably to the south of the Marchan imprudent step which aroused Meneleks suspicions, and had hurriedly to be retraced.
  • In 1201 he assumed the offensive, conquered Holstein, together with Hamburg, and compelled Count Henry of Schwerin to acknowledge the over-lordship of the Danish crown.
  • To constitute the offence, the blasphemy must be uttered in public, be offensive in character, and have wounded the religious susceptibilities of some other person.

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