Sentence Examples

  • Almost all border on pornographic, so if you're hoping to purchase the least wild of these styles, you may want to stick to the plain black nylon varieties or simply go with a traditional speedo.
  • They replaced the complex stylings of the man I call… well, the Man, with the overly simplistic, hauntingly annoying jazz that you'd expect to find in the elevator of a cheap pornographic flick.
  • Unfortunately, it wasn't for his musical or acting talents; rather, Ray J became an unlikely star when he appeared in a pornographic home video with then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.
  • It is common for both male and female runaways living on the streets to steal, panhandle, deal and abuse drugs, engage in prostitution, and pose for pornographic pictures.
  • A pornographic home video of Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee was stolen and distributed over the Internet by the Internet Entertainment Company.