Sentence Examples

  • Lisa Ellis has been teaching English for nine years, but the headmaster where she works found the behavior lewd and was looking into dismissing her from the job.
  • However, such balls were seen as encouraging wild and lewd behavior, which was frowned upon in Victorian England.
  • You would think the first arrest for lewd acts would have taught the singer to keep his pants on, but in July 2006, George again made headlines, this time for reportedly enjoying a romp in a public park with a 58-year-old van driver.
  • Whether a riff off of the classic "There once was a girl from Nantucket" or perhaps a rhyme for your sweetheart's name, the limerick has been a treasured form of lewd expression for decades.
  • Suggestive or lewd comments can be offensive and detract from the occasion.While a wedding speech should be unique, there are some basic elements that you can incorporate to get you started.