Sentence Examples

  • This small kitchen appliance includes several extra features, including as a leak proof lid that traps in heat, a browning and sauté setting that cooks everything from pot roast to cheesecake and a safety lock on the lid.
  • While the Vanilla was a bit bland for my taste, I added some powdered lemon flavor and made it "thick" for an almost cheesecake consistency that became a nightly treat I really looked forward to!
  • TK Fundraising: Select from among fundraising programs that involve selling with gourmet foods like cheesecake and cookie dough or gift items like stuffed teddy bears and Christmas ornaments.
  • And now I come up with totally new recipes and innovations that have never been created, done or even seen before like my raw Organic Mango Cheesecake recipe, my Spanish Lasagna, and Oraweos.
  • There are a number of recipes that offer an alternative to favorite foods not allowed on the Atkins diet, including manicotti and gnocchi, cheesecake, and various pies and other desserts.