Sentence Examples

  • The country is divided into three parts, of very different character and climate: the coast is sandy and very hot, without much vegetation except date palms; it has no good harbours, and the climate is very unwholesome; the population is scanty.
  • It is not necessary to the promotion of this manufacture that the spinners and weavers should be congregated in large towns, or united in crowded and unwholesome factories.
  • From 1815 to 1820 a number of low-priced and unwholesome periodicals flourished.
  • The government was frankly theocratic. Said Winthrop (1637): " We see not that any should have authority to set up any other exercises besides what authority bath already set up "; and a synod at Cambridge in 1637 catalogued eighty-two " opinions, some blasphemous, others erroneous and all unsafe," besides nine " unwholesome expressions," all of which were consigned " to the devil of hell from whence they came."
  • Bad generalship, which is sufficiently obvious, unwholesome food - it was Lent, and they ate the Nile fish which had been feasting on the carcases of the slain - and Greek fire did the rest, and personal valour was of little avail,not merely against superior numbers and better generals,but against dysentery and a certain "mal de l'ost" which attacked the mouth and the legs, a curious human version of a well-known bestial malady.

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