Sentence Examples

  • They are much used to adulterate those of Oporto, or, after undergoing the blending operation termed compage, are passed off as Bordeaux wines in France.
  • The substances used to adulterate opium are grape-juice thickened with flour, fig-paste, liquorice, half-dried apricots, inferior gum tragacanth and sometimes clay or pieces of lead or other metals.
  • Contact dermatitis from olive oil, which is often adulterated, was noted by Greenberg and Lester ( 1954 ).
  • First, that the oils used are 100 percent natural, not adulterated in any way.
  • Powdered Digitalis leaf is occasionally adulterated; the following leaves have been substituted for the true drug: mullein ( Verbascum thapsus, fam.

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