Sentence Examples

  • Two diverse views of the morphology of the fertile spike in these plants have been entertained.
  • Spikelets falling singly from the unjointed rachis of the spike or the ultimate branches of the panicle.
  • Nemorivaga, are Central and South American deer of the size of roe-bucks or smaller, with simple spike-like antlers, tufted heads and the hair of the face radiating from two whorls on the forehead so that on the nose the direction is downwards.
  • They however occur in a whole section of Andropogon, in Anomochloa, and at the base of the spike in Sesleria.
  • Short spikes may fall from the culm as a whole; or the axis of a spike or raceme is jointed so that one spikelet falls with each joint as in many Andropogoneae and Hordeae.

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