Sentence Examples

  • The cirripede, which has an elastic peduncle, a crested capitulum, but no valves, and the first cirrhi longer than the rest, should stand near Eremolepas, the name given by Weltner in place of the preoccupied Gymnolepas (Aurivillius).
  • 15), a compound spike, as in rye-grass, a compound spadix, as in some palms, and a compound capitulum, as in the hen-and-chickens daisy.
  • In Saxifraga umbrosa (London-pride) and in the horse-chestnut we meet with a raceme of scorpioid cymes; in sea-pink, a capitulum of contracted scorpioid cymes (often called a glomerulus); in laurustinus, a compound umbel of dichasial cymes; a scorpioid cyme of capitula in Vernonia scorpioides.
  • Contracted or shortened form(Capitulum), Daisy,Dandelion, Scabious.
  • Capitulum of contracted Scorpioid Cymes (Glomerulus), Sea-pink.

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