Sentence Examples

  • The stone cliffs that walled the road on the opposite side wept icicles from every crevice, covering the surface in massive clusters of crystal spikes that sparkled in the dazzling sunlight.
  • The loose panicles of male flowers, and the short spikes of female flowers, arise from the axils of the upper leaves.
  • The fructification consists of long, lax spikes, with whorled sporophylls; indications of megaspores have been detected in the sporangia.
  • There are usually numerous sessile flowers arranged in small spikes, called locustae or spikelets, which are either set closely along a central axis, or produced on secondary axes formed by the branching of the central one; to the latter form the term panicle is applied.
  • The so-called catkins of the birch are, in reality, spikes of contracted dichasial cymes.

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