Sentence Examples

  • Engines, and iron and steel ships are built at a shipyard 2 on the Fore river, and tubular rivets and studs, gearing, foundry products, and translucent fabrics are among the city's other products.
  • Screw studs near o its ends are first received by the projecting studs on each side of the suspension links, and the suspension links are lifted off the end knife-edges; and next, as the sliding frame continues its upward motion, the horizontal studs at the two ends of the beam are received in the forks at the ends of the sliding frame, and by them the fulcrum of the beam is lifted off its bearing.
  • Cesses for the ends of the studs are formed so as to draw the beam without strain into its true position every time that it is thrown out of gear by the sliding frame.
  • Besides this the harness of each horse consisted of a bridle and a pair of reins, mostly the same as in use now, made of leather and ornamented with studs of ivory or metal.
  • The operation of the machine is as follows: Let us suppose that one of the studs on the back plate is positively electrified and one at the opposite end of a diameter is negatively electrified, and that at that moment two corresponding studs on the front plate passing opposite to these back studs are momentarily connected together by the neutralizing wire belonging to the front plate.

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