Sentence Examples

  • The plants under these conditions often require to be supported by wooden pegs or sticks.
  • I showed them the pegs and I have been watching them.
  • There were said to be " various kinds of magnets, some of which attract gold, others silver, brass, lead; even some which attract flesh, water, fishes; " and stories were told about " mountains in the north of such great powers of attraction that ships are built with wooden pegs, lest.
  • The Acridiidae have the feelers and the ovipositor relatively short, and possess only three tarsal segments; their ears are situated on the first abdominal segment and the males stridulate by scraping rows of pegs on the inner aspect of the hind thigh, over the sharp edges of the forewing nervures.
  • The process of rooting these runners should be facilitated by fixing them close down to the soil, which is done by small wooden hooked pegs or by stones; hair-pins, short lengths of bent wire, &c., may also be used.

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