Sentence Examples

  • Whatever the old man said, it elevated Cynthia's mood a few notches on the normalcy meter.
  • However, he was pleased to keep up a fairly respectable pace, at least a few notches above the embarrassing level.
  • When electric waves fell on the antenna they caused the mercury-steel junction to become conductive during the time they endured, and the siphon recorder therefore to write signals consisting of short or long deflexions of its pen and therefore notches of various length on the ink line drawn on the strip of telegraphic tape.
  • In many birds the spaces between the metasternum and the posterior processes and again the spaces between this and the oblique process are filled up by proceeding ossification and either remain as notches, or as fenestrae, or they are completely abolished so that the breastbone is turned into one solid more or less oblong plate.
  • It is evident that the features of the sternum of which De Blainville chiefly relied were those drawn from its posterior margin, which no very extensive experience of specimens is needed to show are of comparatively slight value; for the number of " echancrures - notches as they have sometimes been called in English - when they exist, goes but a very short way as a guide, and is so variable in some very natural groups as to be even in that shot way occasionally misleading.

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