Sentence Examples

  • Long, constructed of polished marble slabs, fastened with copper bolts, flanked at the foot by two curious columns.
  • After 12 to 15 years the heads become "tired," and should be grubbed up. The first year's crop, known as the "maiden" crop, is of small value but should be cut and the ensuing years of maturity will yield crops of about 130 bolts, green, per acre, worth £9, 15s.
  • If whitened, the loss in bulk and in rejection being two-thirds, this would produce about 44 bolts, which at £30 per load of 80 bolts, the appreciated market value of 1907, would be worth £16, ios.
  • The village has various manufactures, including bolts and nuts, motors for racing boats and automobiles; there are also large planing and wood-moulding mills.
  • Houses are keyed up with " shaps," " face plates " and " bolts," and only kept from falling by leaning on one another.

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