Sentence Examples

  • The chairs on the British system weigh about 45 or 50 lb each on important lines, though they may be less where the traffic is light, and are fixed to the sleepers each by two, three or four fastenings, either screw spikes, or round drift bolts entered in holes previously bored, or fang bolts or wooden trenails.
  • Long, which are lodged in the channels of the rail, one on each side, and secured with four bolts passing through the web; sometimes, to give additional stiffness, they extend down below the lower table of the rail and are bent round so as to clip it.
  • The iron wire used for wire-netting, telegraphic purposes, &c., is commonly galvanized, as also are bolts, nuts, chains and other fittings on ships.
  • First laid on bridges - was supported on continuous longitudinal sleepers and held down by bolts passing through the flanges, and was employed by I.
  • 13), varying in length (from 20 to 48 in.), in weight and in the number of bolts, which may be four or six.