Sentence Examples

  • There is usually fixed above the sucker a short iron valverod, with a device known as a rivet-catcher to prevent damage to the pump by the dropping of rivets from the pump-rods.
  • At the cal culated position of one of the points of contrary flexure all the rivets of the top boom were cut out, and by lowering the end of the girder over the side span one inch, the joint was opened - -- Section of Newark Dyke Bridge.
  • Then the rivets were cut out similarly at the other point of contrary flexure and the joint opened.
  • Soft steel is used for rivets always, and sometimes for the whole superstructure of a bridge, but medium steel more generally for the plates, angle bars, &c., the weight of the bridge being then reduced by about 7% for a given factor of safety.
  • The shearing area of rivets in tension members was made r z times the useful section of plate in tension.

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