Sentence Examples

  • The cylinder is rigidly fixed in the studs C, C, and these are attached to the foundation plate f.
  • As he grew older his father took him on all his rounds, reviewing troops, inspecting studs, foundries, dockyards and granaries.
  • The breed has, however, been since improved by government action, the establishment of state studs supported since 1867 by annual parliamentary grants, and the importation especially of English stock.
  • The largest of the studs is that at Mezohegyes (founded 1785) in the county of Csanad, the most extensive and remarkable of those " economies," model farms on a gigantic scale, which the government has established on its domains.'
  • The glass is coloured (generally green) and the decoration consists of glass threads and glass studs, or prunts (" Nuppen ").