Sentence Examples

  • Both sexes dressed with Puritan plainness; husbands and wives quitted their homes for convents; marriage became an awful and scarcely permitted rite; mothers suckled their own babes; and persons of all ranks - nobles, scholars and artists - renounced the world to assume the Dominican robe.
  • The goddess Fortuna here went by the name of Primigenia (First-Born, but perhaps in an active sense FirstBearer); she was represented suckling two babes, said to be Jupiter and Juno, and she was especially worshipped by matrons.
  • After thanking the Father for revealing to babes what He hides from the wise, He continued in mysterious language: " All things are delivered to Me by My Father; and none knoweth who the Son is but the Father; and who the Father is but the Son, and he to whom the Son chooseth to reveal Him."
  • The cruel tyrant kills the babes of Bethlehem, but the Child has been withdrawn by a secret flight into Egypt, whence he presently returns to the family home at Nazareth in Galilee.
  • Frazer, Adonis, 74 (with the suggestion that it is because milk is the food of babes), Crooke ii.