Sentence Examples

  • Children with braces should eat raw fruits and vegetables and avoid soft, processed, and refined foods that attract bacteria, as well as hard or sticky foods, including gum, caramels, peanuts, ice chips, and popcorn.
  • America Ferrera must wear a messy wig, braces and thick-framed glasses to give her a lackluster appearance in direct contrast to the world of beautiful bodies, fashion and flawless makeup in which she works.
  • Bedrooms should be located for convenient access to the bathroom and adequate space should be provided around the bed for wheelchair access with convenient storage near the bed for braces, prostheses, and clothing.
  • The difference between these can be costly, especially if you will require oral surgery, expensive braces, or dentures.Finally, the Internet offers you opportunities to scout for the best prices on insurance.
  • Rostov turned and was about to go, but the man in the braces stopped him.