Sentence Examples

  • To the native Irishman and the Scotsman, as indeed to most Englishmen, the Anglican Church was one of the main buttresses of the supremacy of the English crown and nation.
  • Perhaps the oldest remains are some of the piers -and buttresses of the bridge over the Moselle, which may date from about 28 B.C. The well-preserved amphitheatre just outside the modern town to the south-east was probably built in the reign of Trajan or Hadrian.
  • - Zululand is part of the region of hills and plateaus which descend seaward from the Drakensberg - the great mountain chain which buttresses the vast tableland of inner South Africa.
  • In other respects they must have resembled those of Oriental cities - the living apartments all opening towards the interior, and showing only blank walls towards ' It consisted of two parallel stone walls with buttresses, about 55 ft.
  • The horizontal stratification of some of these masses gives them a curiously architectural aspect, further increased by the effect of the numerous vertical joints by which the rock is cleft into buttresses and recesses along the fronts of the precipices and into pinnacles and finials along the summits.