Sentence Examples

  • The stem of Yggdrasil upholds the earth, while its branches overshadow the world and reach up beyond the heavens.
  • The work upholds the doctrine of resistance, but affirms that resistance must come from properly constituted authorities and objects to anything which savours of anabaptism or other extreme views.
  • It was then, too, that his most celebrated production, the Discourses concerning Government, was concluded, in which he upholds the doctrine of the mutual compact and traverses the High Tory positions from end to end.
  • In especial he vindicates the propriety of resistance to kingly oppression or misrule, upholds the existence of an hereditary nobility interested in their country's good as the firmest barrier against such oppression, and maintains the authority of parliaments.
  • He upholds the theory of Creatianism (that a soul is specially created for each human being).