Sentence Examples

  • He now began to be regarded as the chief upholder of Protestantism in the ministry; he lost favour with Charles, and on Sunday, the 9th of September 1673, was dismissed from the chancellorship. Among the reasons for this dismissal is probably the fact that he opposed grants to the king's mistresses.
  • As contrasted with Indra the war god, Varuna is the lord of the natural laws, the upholder of the physical and moral order of the universe.
  • Cromwell himself, however, remained throughout a staunch and constant upholder of religious toleration.
  • He desired England to be everywhere the protector of the oppressed and the upholder of "true religion."
  • Brings the prophet a new sense of sin as essentially a matter of the heart, and an awakened conscience as before the " glory of God," the Creator and Upholder of all things.