Sentence Examples

  • Hordaceus acts as a bridging species.
  • It was hoped that the assembly of the attacking troops in the restricted zone opposite the crossing point, the rapid bridging of the dry canal, and the pushing forward of guns to cover the farther advance, and of reinforcements, ammunition and supplies to support it, could all be carried out with the necessary speed and security, although the difficulties to be faced were very great and the possible causes of contretemps numerous.
  • In 1763 the first North Bridge, connecting the Old Town with the sloping ground on which afterwards stood the Register House and the theatre in Shakespeare Square, was opened; a little later the Nor' Loch was partially drained, and the bridging of the Cowgate in 1785 encouraged expansion southwards.
  • Various works of a more or less imperfect character were carried out, such as the bridging over in 1637 of the Drainage.
  • Artillery and bridging material were brought forward and wire-cutting commenced, while a series of partial infantry attacks took place with the object of securing suitable jumping-off ground.