Sentence Examples

  • The muscles in her legs were contracting painfully.
  • Her heart hesitated a moment, contracting for a race.
  • The history of international arbitration is dealt with in the article Peace, where treaties of general arbitration are discussed, both those which embrace all future differences thereafter to arise between the contracting parties, and also those more limited conventions which aim at the settlement of all future differences in regard to particular subjects, e.g.
  • Resolution 67 warned Anglicans from contracting marriages, under actual conditions, with Roman Catholics.
  • The seventh article provided that bountied sugars (sucres primes) must be excluded from import into the territories of the signatory powers, by absolute prohibition of entry or by levying thereon a special duty in excess of the amount of the bounties, from which duty sugars coming from the contracting countries, and not bountyfed, must be free.