Sentence Examples

  • Whether it's foundation packed with sunscreen or an anti-stretch mark cream suddenly touted as the new wrinkle erasing miracle, there's simply no dearth of skin care products formulated to help us reclaim our lost youth.
  • Whether the trip is for business or pleasure, one thing remains the same; you plan carefully and want everything to go smoothly, but missed flights, delayed connections, lost luggage or illness all can put a wrinkle in the best laid plans.
  • Klein-Becker Strivectin-HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum: Though its name sounds a bit too scientific to really bode well with the general public, the truth is that Strivectin has really found a place for itself in the market.
  • Since there is no structure except for underwiring and most sheer fabrics are flimsy, it is very difficult to find a bra that won't pucker or wrinkle around at least one breast, particularly since no woman's natural breasts are symmetrical.
  • Like the first wrinkle, it was inevitable.