Sentence Examples

  • When the occasion arises for perfect lips with no reapplication, reach for your lip stain and pucker up.
  • If you're just not into sporting a full red pout throughout the day, yet crave the distinct glamour of the shade, simply apply your red lipstick and gently pucker your lips on a tissue until the color is a transparent wash.
  • Whether you are courting a man or sending well wishes home, before you pucker up and make your permanent red kiss mark, make sure you're lipstick kiss savvy.
  • Rubber cement works better than glue for affixing paper to cardboard as the image will adhere smoothly and will not wrinkle or pucker when it is dry.
  • Since there is no structure except for underwiring and most sheer fabrics are flimsy, it is very difficult to find a bra that won't pucker or wrinkle around at least one breast, particularly since no woman's natural breasts are symmetrical.