Sentence Examples

  • Armed with that knowledge, you will need to consider your budget, keeping in mind if the person loves one of those tough-to-get collectibles, say a Dalla Valle Maya, you can expect to considerably crimp your disposable income.
  • It's quite a challenge, but one that visually-challenged people face everyday, and it can put a significant crimp in their personal freedom unless a workable solution can be found.
  • Crimping pliers: Crimping pliers are specialized jewelry making pliers that help you pinch the center of crimp beads before securing them to nylon-coated wire.
  • If you're using crimp beads, slide a bead onto the wire, making sure to cover the tail of the wire and pushing it snugly against the closure.
  • If you don't have crimp beads, just string on a spacer bead or two and push them snugly against the closure before starting your "pattern."