Open Definition

opened, opening, opens
In a state which permits access, entrance, or exit; not closed, covered, clogged, or shut.
Open doors.
Webster's New World
Closed, but unlocked.
The car is open.
Webster's New World
In a state which permits freedom of view or passage; not enclosed, fenced in, sheltered, screened, etc.; unobstructed; clear.
Open fields.
Webster's New World
Having no protecting or concealing cover.
An open wound; an open sports car.
American Heritage
Completely obvious; blatant.
Open disregard of the law.
American Heritage
opened, opening, opens
To make no longer closed or fastened.
Open a window.
American Heritage
To remove obstructions from; clear.
Open a drain.
American Heritage
To make an opening or openings in.
To open an abscess.
Webster's New World
To make or produce (a hole, way, etc.)
Webster's New World
To unclose, unfold, or unroll.
To open an umbrella.
Webster's New World
An unobstructed area of land or water.
Sailed out of the harbor into the open.
American Heritage
The outdoors.
Camping in the open.
American Heritage
Any of various tournaments, esp. in golf or tennis, open to both professionals and amateurs.
Webster's New World
An undisguised or unconcealed state.
Brought the problem out into the open.
American Heritage
A beginning.
Shares were down at the market open.
American Heritage
open fire
  • To begin firing a gun or guns.
American Heritage
open (one's) eyes
  • To become aware of the truth of a situation.
American Heritage
open out
  • to make or become extended or larger
  • to develop
Webster's New World
open to
  • glad or willing to receive, discuss, etc.
  • liable to; subject to
Webster's New World
open up
  • to make or become open
  • to spread out; unfold
Webster's New World

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Origin of Open

  • From Middle English open, from Old English open (“open”), from Proto-Germanic *upanaz (“open”), from Proto-Indo-European *upo (“up from under, over”). Cognate with Scots open (“open”), Saterland Frisian eepen (“open”), West Frisian iepen (“open”), Dutch open (“open”), Low German open, apen (“open”), German offen (“open”), Swedish öppen (“open”), Norwegian open (“open”), Icelandic opinn (“open”). Compare also Latin supinus (“on one's back, supine”), Albanian hap (“to open”). Related to up.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English from Old English upo in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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