Sentence Examples

  • That night, however, he began to mend, and in a few days he was out of danger.
  • It was rapidly bought up and "did much to mend this bad world."
  • Amanda has a high amount of expertise in sewing, so I'm sure she could mend your blouse.
  • The chief recommendation put forward to mend the system comprised lengthening of all sentences, a diminution in the dietaries, the abolition of large gratuities, and, speaking broadly, a general tightening of the reins.
  • Seeking to mend his failing fortunes, the Weif went to France to support his ally, the English king John, against Philip Augustus, and at the battle of Bouvin~s (July 27, 1214) memorable in the history alike of Germany, of England and of France, his fate was sealed, although until his death in May 1218 he maintained a desultory warfare against Frederick.