Sentence Examples

  • When Audun Carlsen arrived for his second meeting with Boy George, he says that the former pop star, with the help of a larger accomplice, grabbed him and handcuffed him to a "fixture" in Boy George's bedroom.
  • If your venue has a chandelier that uses electric candle bulbs, check the light fixture carefully for burned out bulbs a day or two before your event, or ask the venue's coordinator to be sure the fixture is properly serviced.
  • Use the stud finder to locate the ceiling joists so you don't accidentally line a fixture up for installation in a spot where one is located because this can throw your entire installation off.
  • If you've ever seen a ceiling fan that looks huge compared to the rest of the room, you'll understand the importance of proportion when selecting a light fixture, especially one that's as central to the design of a room as a chandelier.
  • While remote transformers provide a cleaner-looking fixture design, they are most commonly used in new construction jobs only as surface-mounted transformers are easier to install in a room that's already finished.