Sentence Examples

  • Generally, spoiler information provided by the television network, which airs the soap, or websites affiliated with popular soap opera publications offer the most accurate news on future episodes.
  • If you miss an episode of CBS's long running daytime drama or you simply can't wait to find out what's going to happen next in Genoa City, Toni's Spoiler Site is a resource you can't live without.
  • By vetting the spoiler website for information accuracy, regular updates and coverage - coverage is important because General Hospital fans want sites that cover their soap and a site that focuses primarily on CBS soaps will not do that.
  • For example, in May 2009, one of the most popular message board topics on Toni's Spoiler site was the shocking departure of Chris Engen, who played Victor "Adam" Wilson (né Victor Adam Newman, Jr).
  • All these Young and the Restless comings and goings were reported by the fan sites, soap opera news sites and spoiler message boards because the comings and goings of actors and actresses suggests changes in the storyline.