Sentence Examples

  • It was designed to be adversary propaganda and to bypass censorship.
  • Since oxygen and nutrients are received from the placenta and the umbilical cord instead of the lungs, the ductus arteriosus acts as a "short cut" that allows blood to bypass the deflated lungs and go straight out to the body.
  • The spectrum of choices runs from the extreme weight loss method of gastric bypass surgery to the free diet plans that can be found with a little research and virtually no cost to you, although a catch is usually involved.
  • Understandably, some people aren't comfortable with this kind of scrutiny, and a CGI bypass proxy uses the very same technology to put yet another proxy in between the user and the "monitoring" proxy.
  • When you look at an Apple laptop on the Amazon site, you may notice that other merchants offer the same item for sale, at a lower price.Many people bypass these other merchants, buying only from Amazon.