Sentence Examples

  • Von Lenz on Kotzebue's second voyage of circumnavigation in 1823-1826.
  • Eventually a Biscayan named Sebastian del Cano, sailing home by way of the Cape of Good Hope, reached San Lucar in command of the " Victoria " on the 6th of September 1522, with eighteen survivors; this one ship of the squadron which sailed on the quest succeeded in accomplishing the first circumnavigation of the globe.
  • So too Heraclides was sent to explore the Caspian; the survey, and possible circumnavigation, of the Arabian coasts was the last enterprise which occupied Alexander.
  • In 1870 the Norwegian Captain Johannesen penetrated as far as 79° E., in 76° 13' N., and afterwards accomplished the second circumnavigation of Novaya Zemlya.
  • This voyage proved to be the most important to geography that had been undertaken since the first circumnavigation of the globe.