Around Definition

On all sides.
Dirty clothes lying around.
American Heritage
Webster's New World
In close to all sides from all directions.
A field bordered around with tall trees.
American Heritage
Within a close periphery; nearby.
Stay around.
Webster's New World
In a circle or with a circular motion.
Spun around twice.
American Heritage
On all sides of.
Trees around the field.
American Heritage
On the circumference, border, or outer part of.
Webster's New World
In such a position as to encircle or surround.
A sash around the waist.
American Heritage
So as to encircle.
Webster's New World
Here and there within; throughout.
On the political stump around the country.
American Heritage
Being in existence.
Our old dog is no longer around.
American Heritage
On the move; about.
He's up and around now.
Webster's New World
Being in evidence; present.
Asked if the store manager was around.
American Heritage
Existing; living.
When dinosaurs were around.
Webster's New World

(informal, with the verb "to be") Alive; existing.

The record store on Main Street? Yes, it's still around.
"How is old Bob? I heard that his health is failing." "Oh, he's still around. He's feeling better now."

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Origin of Around

  • From Middle English around, arounde, from a- (from Old English a- (“on, at”)) + Middle English round (“circle, round”), equivalent to a- +‎ round. Cognate with Scots aroond, aroon (“around”). Displaced earlier Middle English umbe, embe (“around”) (from Old English ymbe (“around”)). See umbe.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English probably a- in a–2 round circle round1

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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