Sentence Examples

  • Cardholders who didn't receive a letter from Bank of America about their Clout credit card are encouraged to contact Bank of America customer service at 1-800-789-6685.
  • Some prior Clout cardholders report that they don't remember receiving notification of the change of ownership and that they have not received any monthly statements from Bank of America to pay off their outstanding balance.
  • The Clout Visa was designed to help consumers with low credit scores to increase their "credit clout" by giving them a starter credit line that would increase over time if they maintained a good payment history.
  • The Clout credit card had interest rates of 18 percent and up, which was comparable with the APRs of other credit cards designed for consumers with little or poor credit histories.
  • This mini-size card was designed to be added to the cardholder's key chain, a convenience feature that was very attractive to the young Clout cardholders.