Sentence Examples

  • It is possible for an apron tankini to feature a soft cup bra system that is slightly padded, but if you need to feel more secure or you require a little "oomph" up above, then the apron may not be able to supply the support you need.
  • Removing waterproof varieties doesn't have to be a fight; waterproof formulas just need extra oomph to remove the leftover ingredients that can clog pores and cause unwanted, unattractive breakouts.
  • Social Oomph not only sends future tweets for you, but it will automatically shorten URLs, follow Twitterers that follow you and unfollows users that delete you from their profile.
  • While the drink isn't difficult to make, quality ingredients, a clever and interesting presentation, and a new twist on the classic will give it a little bit of extra "oomph".
  • Bear in mind these neutrals are easy to wear and you can oomph them up with special effect highlighting creams and eyeliner techniques if you crave a tad bit more drama.