Sentence Examples

  • Genital orifice not covered by an operculum.
  • The water is expelled from the branchial chambers by one or two tubes opening by one orifice in most Batrachians.
  • He remarked that the flow of water from an orifice depends not only on the magnitude of the orifice itself, but also on the height of the water in the reservoir; and that a pipe employed to carry off a portion of water from an aqueduct should, as circumstances required, have a position more or less inclined to the original direction of the current.
  • He had discovered a contraction in the vein of fluid (vena contracta) which issued from the orifice, and found that, at the distance of about a diameter of the aperture, the section of the vein was contracted in the subduplicate ratio of two to one.
  • He was sprouting tubes from every orifice - and then some.