Sentence Examples

  • By Hu-peh and Ngan-hui, S.
  • Another river of note is the Chang Kiang, which has its source in the province of Ngan-hui and flows into the Po-yang Lake, connecting in its course the Wuyuen district, whence come the celebrated "Moyune" green teas, and the city of King-to-chen, celebrated for its pottery, with Jao-chow Fu on the lake.
  • The Ostiaks know them under the names of Orghoy, or Workho, both of which recall the Ugrians; the name of Hui is also in use among the Ostiaks, and that of Yaron among the Syrgenians.
  • NGAN' '-HUI (AN -HwEI or GAN-Hwuy), an eastern province of China, which, together with Kiang-su and Kiang-si, forms the vice-royalty of Kiang-nan.
  • Over the whole of its southern portion tea is largely grown, notably in the districts of Hui-chow Fu, Tung-liu, Ta-tung and Wu-hu.