Sentence Examples

  • Alten Orients (2nd ed., 1906); and especially Altoriental.
  • Alten Orients 2, p. 527), and though David's skill referred to in Amos vi.
  • A still more extended an elaborate monograph than either of the preceding followed in 1822, Der Heilige Johannes Chrysostomus and die Kirche, besonders des Orients in dessen Zeitalter, and again, in 1824, another on Tertullian (Antignostikus).
  • Alten Orients (Leipzig, 1906), pp. 220 seq.; also Enoch, Lamech.
  • Sprenger in his Postand Reiserouten des Orients (Leipzig, 1864) and further in his' Alte Geographie Arabiens (Bern, 1875), it was edited by D.