Sentence Examples

  • The forest swallowed the city before she could orient herself.
  • Deciding to use the sun to orient herself, she detoured around several dense patches of blackberry bushes.
  • Her eyes flew up to the guard as she sought to orient herself once again.
  • The Caspian remained; and it had for long been a common saying with foreign merchants that the best way of tapping the riches of the Orient was to secure possession of this vast inland lake.
  • In Egypt the succession to the work of the Deutsch-Orient Gesellschaft, which excavated Babylon and Assur, has fallen to the Egypt Exploration Society, which has taken up the excavation at Tell el Amarna where it was laid down by the Germans at the outbreak of war, after they had recovered from the houseruins several wonderfully fine examples of the art of the period of Akhenaton, now in Berlin.