Sentence Examples

  • This will prepare your child for attending preschool with other children, acclimatize her to a structured environment, and provide some healthy creative outlets that might not be available in the home.
  • Of France met with it in Provence, and attempted to acclimatize it at Paris, where he formed bands divided into various orders, each distinguished by a different colour.
  • One great object of their experiments was to introduce and acclimatize exotic cottons.
  • But no precautions such as those above indicated appear to have been taken in any of these experiments; and we have no intimation that either the society or any of its members are making systematic efforts to acclimatize the tree.
  • Before the arrival of Macquarie schools and churches had been erected, a newspaper, the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, had been started, and attempts had been made to acclimatize the drama.