Sentence Examples

  • Merino sheep have been acclimatized in the Abruzzi, Capitanata and Basilicata.
  • The orange, date-palm and eucalyptus have been acclimatized on the coast of Provence and the Riviera.
  • The canary bird is domesticated but not acclimatized, and many of our most extensively cultivated plants are in the same category.
  • The same species can thus endure a great difference of temperature; but the important fact is, that the individuals have become acclimatized to the altitude at which they grow, so that seeds gathered near the upper limit of the range of a species will be more hardy than those gathered near the lower limit.
  • A certain Aristia, of Greek origin, but soon acclimatized to his surroundings as teacher at the high school in Bucharest, was the first to adapt foreign dramas for the Rumanian stage.

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