Sentence Examples

  • Feel free to alter a project's directions to include his favorite colors, representations of his interests, etc. One of the greatest advantages of making homemade gifts is that they can be completely tailored to what the recipient likes!
  • Also, depending on how defined or dark you want your "smoky eye" to be you can use eye shadow colors other then the traditional black eye shadow to aid in creating a softer look that is more tailored to your personal preferences.
  • Look for sport coat styles with subtle stitching, strong shoulders, and a tailored shape with a drawn in waist and flare over the hips that will last year after year while pairing easily with shifting jeans and trouser styles.
  • Buying from companies that specialize in the plus size market will ensure that you not only get fabulous clothes in the latest styles, but that they fit you well because they're tailored for the fuller, fabulous figure.
  • In the spirit of community parenting, most divorce courts will allow custody agreements to undergo modifications tailored to meet the expanding needs of the child as long as the changes are necessary and truly beneficial.