Sentence Examples

  • I want you to liaise with clients to whatever level they wish, tailoring a performance to suit their needs.
  • If you've decided you want to step away from the safety of the little black dress and are ready to make a bold fashion statement with a red cocktail dress, a classic dress with simple tailoring that's worn just above the knee is ideal.
  • Individuals who claim that there is no difference between a ten dollar shirt and a sixty dollar shirt should investigate the manufacturing, tailoring, and composition of the shirts in question to see if such claims hold any truth.
  • While most women buy their bridal gowns in a store after numerous fittings, a bride wanting a traditional Asian gown may have to resort to ordering online and then finding a seamstress to finish tailoring the dress.
  • Squarcione, whose original vocation was tailoring, appears to have had a remarkable enthusiasm for ancient art, and a proportionate faculty for acting, with profit to himself and others, as a sort of artistic middleman; his own performances as a painter were merely mediocre.