Sentence Examples

  • Finally, you can consult the chart to align your child's gender with your preferred Chinese astrological sign by waiting to conceive until your age and target conception month both coincide with the appropriate year.
  • If you're a Michigan business and you're looking for SEO technology solutions that align with your business needs, first assess exactly what your business really needs in terms of online marketing.
  • When you are researching online Christian homeschool programs, it is important to read the faith statement of each organization to be sure that the values taught align with your personal beliefs.
  • The series focuses around three of the original brawlers, Dan, Murucho, and Shun, as they align themselves with three new brawlers, Ace, Baron, and Mira, in a fight against a newly-restored Vestroia.
  • By properly researching the local market and determining which keywords will get your ad placed in front of those local consumers, you'll better align your pay-per-click marketing to achieve a much higher ROI for those efforts.