Level Definition

leveled, leveling, levelled, levelling, levels, leveler, levelest
Webster's New World
A natural or proper position, place, or stage.
I finally found my own level in the business world.
American Heritage
A horizontal plane or line; esp., such a plane taken as a basis for the measurement of elevation.
Sea level.
Webster's New World
An instrument for determining, or adjusting a surface to, an even horizontal plane: the traditional level has a clear tube partly filled with liquid so as to leave an air bubble that moves to the exact center of the tube when the instrument is on an even horizontal plane; often there is another such tube which indicates when the instrument is perpendicular to the horizontal.
Webster's New World
Position, elevation, or rank considered as one of the planes in a scale of values.
Levels of income.
Webster's New World
leveler, levelest
Having no part higher than any other; perfectly flat and even; conforming to the surface of still water.
Webster's New World
Conforming to the plane of the horizon; not sloping.
Webster's New World
Being of the same height or being in the same plane; even (with)
Webster's New World
Equal in importance, rank, degree, etc.
Webster's New World
Conforming to a specified level or rank.
High-level negotiations.
Webster's New World
leveled, leveling, levelled, levelling, levels
To make level.
Webster's New World
To place on the same rank; equalize.
American Heritage
To tear down (a building, for example); raze.
American Heritage
To knock to the ground; demolish; lay low.
The storm leveled one section of town.
Webster's New World
To aim or direct.
Webster's New World
So as to be level; so as to be flat, even, in line, etc.
Webster's New World
(one's) level best
  • The best one can do in an earnest attempt:

    I did my level best in math class.

American Heritage
on the level
  • Without deception; honest.
American Heritage
find one's level
  • to reach one's (or its) proper or natural place according to one's (or its) qualities, capacity, etc.
Webster's New World
level off
  • to make flat and even
  • to become horizontal, as an airplane in flight
Webster's New World
one's level best
  • the best one can do
Webster's New World

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Origin of Level

  • From Middle English level, from Old French livel, liveau, later nivel, niveau, from Latin libella (“a balance, a level”), diminutive of libra (“a balance, a level”); see libra, librate.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English an instrument to check that a surface is horizontal from Old French livel from Vulgar Latin lībellum from Latin lībella diminutive of lībra balance

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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