Sentence Examples

  • The river esplanade, 2 m.
  • The esplanade and the public park are finely laid out; and portions of the sea are fenced in to protect bathers.
  • The old quarter is united with the new town by a bridge which is continued in an esplanade leading to the basilica, the church of the Rosary and the Grotto, with its spring of healing water.
  • The White House was built in1792-1799from designs by James Hoban, who closely followed the plans of the seats of the dukes of Leinster, near Dublin, and in 1902-1903, when new executive offices and a cabinet room were built and were connected with the White House by an esplanade, many of the original features of Hoban's plan were restored.
  • It possesses assembly rooms, a literary and scientific institution, an esplanade, a pier and extensive recreation grounds.