Sentence Examples

  • Behind the citadel, and along its glacis on the southern side, are the gardens of Kalemegdan, commanding a famous view across the river; behind Kalemegdan comes Belgrade itself, a city of white houses, among which a few great public buildings, like the high school, national bank, national theatre and the so-called New Palace, stand forth prominently.
  • Several parks have been laid out on the site of the broad glacis which formerly separated Temesvar from its suburbs, which are now united with it by broad avenues.
  • These, however, were removed in 1858-60, and the place of the glacis has been taken by a magnificent boulevard, the Ring-Strasse, 2 m.
  • 4, by an average radius of 1200 Dutch fathoms (7874 ft.) from the outer glacis of the fortress.
  • It consists of the town proper, and of the five suburbs of Friedrichstadt, Wilhelmstadt, Neustadt, Sudenburg and Buckau; the last four are separated from the town by the ramparts and glacis, but are all included within the new line of advanced bastions, while Friedrichstadt lies on the right bank of the river.