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builded, building, builds, built
building, builds, built
To make by putting together materials, parts, etc.; construct; erect.
Webster's New World
To order, plan, or direct the construction of.
Webster's New World
To have a house, etc. built.
Webster's New World
To be in the business of building houses, etc.
Webster's New World
To develop or give form to according to a plan or process; create.
Build a nation; built a successful business out of their corner grocery store.
American Heritage
The physical makeup of a person or thing, especially one's physique.
An athletic build.
American Heritage
The way a thing is built or shaped; form or figure.
A stocky build.
Webster's New World
Any of various versions of a software product as it is being developed for release to users.
American Heritage

​ The physique of a human body; constitution or structure of a human body.

Rugby players are of sturdy build.

(Internet slang) A structure, nominally an abbreviation of building .

I made a build that looked like the Parthenon in that game.
build on sand
  • To provide with an unstable foundation:

    Having bought only high-risk stocks, my portfolio was built on sand.

American Heritage
build up
  • to make more desirable, attractive, healthy, etc.

    to build up a product by advertising

  • to erect many buildings in (an area)
Webster's New World

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Origin of Build

  • From Middle English bilden, from Old English byldan (“to build, construct”), from Proto-Germanic *buldijaną, *budlijaną (“to build”), from Proto-Germanic *budlą, *buþlą, *bōdlą, *bōþlą (“house, dwelling, farm”), from Proto-Indo-European *bhōw- (“to swell, grow, thrive, be, live, dwell”). Related to Old English bold (“abode, house, dwelling-place, mansion, hall, castle, temple”). More at bottle.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English bilden from Old English byldan bheuə- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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